The Importance of a Gaming RGB Keyboard and Mouse


Thousands of amazing games have been created and released in the last 10 years, and some of the most popular of these games are FPS titles. When you’re playing an FPS game on PC, your mouse and keyboard can either contribute to or hinder your ability to perform to the best of your abilities. Even if you’re more of an MMO gamer, a proper combination of keyboard and mouse will undoubtedly improve your experience.

The right mouse and keyboard need to be comfortable, precise, and for some, the visual appeal is equally as important. In this article, we discuss the details to consider and the logic behind purchasing the right combination for you and the games you want to play. If you are curious to know some of the best keyboards and mice on the market, check out this article on the Top Ten Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos .

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Generally speaking, mechanical keyboards are faster and more durable than their counterparts. They are also usually customizable and easier to keep clean and intact as each key can be removed and replaced if needed. You can press more keys faster than if you were using a non-mechanical keyboard, and the overall rollover count – a keyboard’s ability to register multiple keys simultaneously or in quick succession – is much higher.

Mechanical keyboards are known for registering pressure on the keys quicker than the standard keyboard. When you’re in-game and pressing buttons in order to use an ability, time can definitely be of the essence. How many times have you sworn that you pressed a button only to have the ability to either not go off or half a second late? This type of delay is crucial in competitive and casual gaming alike. Every key has a ‘switch’ underneath that comes with a base, a spring, and a stem. When considering the springs on your keyboard, it’s important to note that there are many ways that switches differ from one another; from how much force you use to fully press the key to how much sound the keys make when being pressed.

Choosing the Right Mechanical Keyboard

Picking the right keyboard for your setup doesn’t have to be a boring task; keyboards come in all shapes, colours and sizes. RGB lighting is widely popular among gamers. Some keyboards can even flash colours that coordinate with the characters you are playing in-game, which can really immerse the player and be very visually stimulating and appealing. Whether you prefer wired or wireless, vibrantly colourful or minimalistic, there is a keyboard out there that will blend in beautifully with your current setup.

However: every top quality mechanical keyboard is incomplete without a mouse that can keep up or exceed your expectations.

Why Use a Gaming Mouse?

When comparing console gaming to PC there are many apparent differences between the two. A controller’s sensitivity level primarily affects how sensitive the thumbsticks are to finger movement and how it translates on screen. The mouse is much more complicated and introduces a whole new section to sensitivity: DPI, or “dots per inch”. In the simplest terms, DPI measures the speed and accuracy of your cursor. The higher your DPI is, the more your cursor on the screen is going to move when you move your mouse. DPI and software sensitivity are not the same, so finding the perfect combination for you might be challenging and even change for each game you play.

Many players assume that a higher DPI is automatically better than lower DPI since your movement will be quicker, but it is not that simple. Gaming mice are always advertised for having the ability to go to a very high DPI. It’s one of the biggest selling points for a gaming mouse, but it really isn’t the best indication as to whether a mouse will be suitable for you.

When playing aim-intensive games, you do not necessarily want your mouse to react erratically and dramatically to a very slight movement. However, it can be beneficial to be able to aim consistently with small movements. Many gaming mice provide players with the ability to switch between DPI settings with the simple click of a button. Different games – and even different weapons within the same game – are going to be easier to hit consistent shots with depending on your DPI level, so sometimes you need to be able to switch between a higher and lower DPI quickly. In games like Overwatch, where you can switch characters anytime in a match, this function can drastically improve your aiming.

Use of Multiple Buttons and Weight Settings

The buttons and weight settings on your gaming mouse are not to be overlooked. My personal preference is a mouse with two additional buttons: one for push to talk and one for crouching. This works best for me because these are the buttons I click the most, and clicking them on my mouse means I have more freedom to use the keys on my keyboard for other abilities and bindings. Luckily for those who would prefer more buttons on their mouse, there are many options on the market.

The weight of your mouse can also be important: lightweight mice are going to move quicker in comparison to heavier models. However, heavier mice will increase your friction, in turn giving you more control over your movements. Ideally, you want to find a mouse that is neither too light nor too heavy to give you a good balance of quickness and stability.

The Importance of Ergonomics

Something that may be more important than anything else is your comfort. No one will enjoy using a mouse that forces them to use their hands, arms, and fingers in positions that are unnatural and uncomfortable. This can result in health issues in the long run such as carpal tunnel, and it is completely avoidable.

Consider finding an ergonomic mouse. You should always search for a mouse that will fit comfortably in your hand and can be gripped easily. Using an ergonomic mouse will decrease muscle strain and overall discomfort while gaming.

Keyboards can be ergonomic too, and finding one to match your ergonomic mouse will maximise the benefits. Some come with designated places to rest your wrist; some come in split designs; and some even come curved to allow your hands to be in their most natural position. There is a multitude of types of ergonomic keyboards and mice to choose from.


The different types of keyboards and mice allow each individual player to find a combination that best suits them and their play-style. Whether you’re a Call of Duty fanatic, hopping on the Escape from Tarkov bandwagon, or you enjoy grinding team-based games such as Overwatch, your ability to aim is going to always impact your performance.

Top-notch gaming keyboards and mice are not only meant for professional players, and a gamer who plays any type of game on their PC will see large improvements once they find the right setup for themselves. When looking for the right peripherals for yourself, make sure to take comfort into consideration and how you choose to bind your keys for abilities. You may benefit greatly from having more than a few buttons on your mouse while someone else only needs two or three. A keyboard that requires more heavyweight pressure than lightweight might be best, or perhaps vice-versa; you just need to consider your individual play style and goals